Quark is next generation digital money

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Quark transactions are 10x faster than those of other mainstream currencies.


Quark is protected by 9 rounds of hashing from 6 different hash functions making it one of the most secure currencies ever designed. 


Quark is mined using regular PC power (CPU) and as such offers the public the fairest distribution model available.



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How can I acquire Quark?

Quark can be received as payment for goods and services,  it can be purchased from online exchanges and you can also buy and sell Quark in person for cash.


Quark’s initial “mining” period released 247 million coins into circulation. Placing a large number of coins into circulation helps absorb fluctuations in demand and stabilizes Quark’s value. Every year an additional 1 million coins will enter circulation through the “mining” process. 

What can I buy with Quark?

As more people and businesses adopt the usage of Quark as a means of exchange, the possibilities of using it as an alternative to traditional cash grows. Currently you can use Quark to purchase a variety of products. Click here to get a list of merchants that are accepting Quark

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